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Hello my name is Lindsey Ward and I help thought leaders with big missions turn their ideas into Impact!

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I'm curious to know... how will YOUR Story Change the World?

If you have a powerful message that you want to share through film, I can probably help.

Whether you are creating a documentary or a commercial, the biggest challenge you face is choosing the right creative team to support the telling of your story.

And if you make the wrong choice, the cost could be greater than just your reputation...

What about all those people who need to hear your message? If your ideas never become manifest who is really losing out?

Or if you choose a production team that is not aligned at the deepest levels with your message, how will the quality and vibration of the finished product be negatively affected?

I Love using storytelling as a healing modality to help people discover deep truths about themselves. So that they can relate more powerfully to their world, creating even more peace and Love for everyone.

I created Lindsey Ward Productions to help feed this deeply felt desire to help others tell enlightening stories, through film, that can change the world.

Over the years of working with companies such as; Chopra Center, Planet-X TV, Hay House, Mindvalley, HP, Speed Channel, Pachamama Alliance, MTV, Visalus, &, I’ve created a uniquely powerful process that I follow to help transform my clients Ideas into Impact.

Hear What My Happy Clients Have To Say...

"I've gone to Lindsey with my biggest budgets, for big films that have a lot riding on them... and his team delivers EVERYTIME.  He's known for a refusal to accept sub par work, and his passion to bring to life the greatest vision is what makes working with him so productive AND enjoyable."
~Jonathan Budd | San Diego
Empowered Entrepreneurs, Inc.

"If one is looking to convey a higher message through art, Lindsey Ward is an ideal resource. I not only feel like my vision was met artistically, but art became a bond in common vision to inspire the world."
~"Flying" Laura Martin
2011 US National Champion, Pole Acrobatics

"I have had the great pleasure of working with Lindsey Ward on few occasions now. His humility, warmth and commitment to excellence make him the perfect working companion on any project! I look forward to our next creative journey into the realms of visual art."
One Love Always, 
~Pato Banton
Grammy Nominated Musician

We’ve helped our clients...

  • Make over 7 figures off one video!
  • Get worldwide viewership, having been seen in over 142 countries
  • Produce films that get picked up by the biggest film companies
Trust me, this process works!

I Can Help You...

  • Create the conscious project you've been dieing to express
  • Birth your baby with someone who cares and can get it done right
  • Enlighten the world with a compelling and beautiful message
  • Communicate your story with authenticity and power
  • Create deep and lasting impact that will echo for decades to come
  • Get the support you need to turn your ideas into lasting impact!
Yes, I want to work with Lindsey and his team to turn my ideas into impact so that my message and story can be artfully and intelligently turned into a magnetic and attractive tool for transformation.